Rick Titan talks about playing the fake Razor Ramon

Sep 2, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“At that time one of the WWE referees had seen me do this character and he thought it was great and he told Vince about it. I had been hanging out a bit with Bret Hart in Calgary and Bret got me a tryout as Rick Titan and that went quite well as a real vicious heel but Vince called me up after a few weeks later and said that the people want Razor Ramon back and I own the trademark and the copyright and I want you to be my new Razor Ramon. I had mixed emotions because I was excited to get into the WWE and that had been a ten year goal for me by that time and I had finally gotten an opportunity to do it and if I say no to this I may never get in there because he (Vince) might be spited by it and that is it for me in the U.S. So I said yes to it and I asked him if we could transform it into something else and if we can evolve it into something else and maybe change the character’s name a bit and put long pants on it and make it like an Antonio Banderas ‘Mexican’ type character and make it a little more evil. I tried to think of different ways to make it my own character because I had a pretty good feeling that people were going to reject it.”

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