Roman Reigns talks about Ric Flair’s health scare

Aug 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN Sportscenter earlier this week and was asked about Flair…

“Well, for me I’m a generational superstar, my father, my uncle, multiple cousins, (and) my brother, they were all within the WWE, they all wrestled. And that’s one thing you can kind of tell – even all the way up to the McMahons – that this is a family business and it runs Ric Flairdeep. Even now, (Ric Flair) has a daughter who’s been a great performer, great champion, and spokesperson for the women of WWE and WWE, in general. To see something like this happen, I don’t know enough details to share, but all I know is I’m great friends with Ric. I’ve been on many tours and just hung out with him and spoke with him, he’s just such a genuine man. Such a good time, eccentric, such a charismatic person, but such a kind guy. If you’re friends with him, you’ll know it, he’ll love on ya and just all my prayers and thoughts are with him, Charlotte, and the rest of their family. I hope for a speedy recovery, and Ric, bring your butt back, we need you on tour. And that’s coming straight from the ‘Big Dog’ right here. We need ya back, man.”

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