Ric Flair has part of bowel removed during surgery

Aug 18, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Sports Illustrated is now reporting that Ric Flair had a part of his bowel removed during surgery this week after an intestinal blockage caused several of his organs to shut down, including his kidneys.

The original report by Dave Meltzer of the Observer stated that he underwent colon surgery, something that his fiancee yesterday denied in a post on Facebook. The report by Sports Illustrated, written by Justin Barrasso adds that Flair did not suffer a heart attack and the surgery was unrelated to heart issues.

The 16-time World champion is expected to remain in hospital for the next month if not more as the surgery had more complications, although at the end of the day it was deemed a successful one.

Despite the positive outcome, Flair remains in intensive care unit and his life is still in danger as other complications from his procedure might come up.

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