Jim Cornette returns on Destination X-themed Impact

Aug 18, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Jim Cornette made a surprise return last night during the live Destination X themed Impact show, his second stint with the company.

Cornette came out in the second segment of the show and immediately fired Bruce Prichard. Prichard had just moments earlier announced that El Patron was no longer the champion and was giving the title to Bobby Lashley.

The former manager had other ideas though, and told everyone that he has been hired by Global Force Wrestling and instructed security to escort Prichard out. His first order of business was the announce a 20-man gauntlet battle royal for next week’s broadcast with the winner being crowned the new GFW World champion.

Cornette originally started working for TNA back in 2006 as the company’s on-screen Management Director. His run ended in 2009 after several disagreements with TNA’s creative team, mainly Vince Russo. The two are mortal enemies and impossible to work with each other.

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