Hackers release more private photos of former WWE diva Kaitlyn

Aug 16, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

After over a dozen of personal photos and videos from Celeste “Kaitlyn” Bonin were released in March and May, someone got a hold of her iCloud account again and distributed nearly two dozen new photos on the Internet. The last leak was back at the end of May when several videos of the former WWE Diva dressed in a skimpy outfit, and later naked, were put online. These new leaks which contain full naked photos of Bonin are all cell phone photos and selfies, most of which in front of a mirror in a bedroom and bathroom. Last Sunday, Bonin met several of her former WWE Superstar friends again when the Smackdown brand rolled into Miami. Here’s a tip, Celeste…change your iCloud password or else stop taking naked selfies on a device that is connected to the Internet!

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