Aries on Speculation Regarding His WWE Departure, His Wrestling Future

Aug 16, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Harry Kettle recently spoke with Austin Aries for CLICKON, and below are some interview highlights:

Opens up about his WWE departure:

“There’s been a lot of speculation and a lot of assumptions made. On my half I’ve spoken not to speak out on anything yet, and there will come a time and a place for that and it’s just not now. In the mean time, I’ll let everyone else continue to make assumptions but we all know what happens when people assume.

That’s just the world we live in now. One person puts out a report from an unnamed source and next thing you know, it’s regurgitated over and over again until it becomes fact when a lot of times it’s not based on reality whatsoever. When the time is right, the record will be set straight.”

On what we can expect in the future:

“Expect the unexpected. I’m going to very careful and pick my spots of where and when you see me, and obviously I’ve got a lot of things outside of the wrestling world that I’m trying to build up. I really hope to bring these two worlds together in some ways, and hopefully the things you do see and hear from me are adding value to your life and changing lives for the better.”

source: The Spotlight

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