Video: Sean Waltman comments on Ric Flair’s status

Aug 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck


Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman guested on “The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro” and revealed new information about Ric Flair and spoke about his wrestling career in general.

X-Pac has been informed that it’s not “looking good” for Ric Flair

“I talked to a close friend of his [Ric Flair], and just was told that it wasn’t looking good and he was getting ready to go into surgery, and everything else I’ve found out was from you know, reading. The same things that you-that you’re reading.”

X-Pac comments on Flair’s lifestyle choices and how they caught up to him

“You can’t be the all night long f–king guy all your life and not expect to have complications like that, going out drinking every night, and still drinking.”
When asked if drugs and alcohol played a role in this, X-Pac responded: “I think it’s a pretty fair deduction.”

X-Pac doesn’t believe Flair would make any changes if he could go back

“Trade to be the Nature Boy Ric Flair for just to live to be an old, the old age of 90? F–k that…I do know Ric Flair enough to know that this is the life he chose. Knowing the cost, knowing what the cost is, and the cost is f–king high.”

X-Pac definitively says Rick Flair is the GOAT (& explains why)

“He’s the greatest of all time…It’s pretty well-known by everyone…I mean within our industry, he’s the greatest of all time…He’s the last guy to travel around and be a real world champion that went to every little area all over the world, all by himself…Wrestled every guy and there were some pretty fucking shitty ones, let me tell you, that he made look like a million bucks…And when he left and went onto the next area, that person was able to draw more money. Understand what I’m saying?”

X-Pac speculates why doctors put Flair in a medically induced coma

“They put him in the coma to protect something, I’m assuming his brain…I’m taking a guess at that something happened where maybe he quit breathing, maybe there wasn’t oxygen to the brain for awhile. That’s a speculation. When they put you in a medically induced coma it’s to protect your brain.”

If Roddy Piper was alive, he would have gone to see Ric Flair

“Like Roddy Piper I would imagine would’ve been there…I would think, I mean, I don’t know, I’m just speculating.”

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