8/15/17 WWE 205 Live Recap: Alexander/Metalik vs. Nese/Gulak, Kendrick vs. Ali, Daivari vs. Swann; Tozawa’s Championship Celebration

Aug 15, 2017 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens with a video recap of the match between Neville and Akira Tozawa from last night’s Raw, in which Tozawa won to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion. We go into the arena where Corey Graves and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show. We then see that Tozawa’s Championship Celebration will take place tonight.

Match #1: Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese and Drew Gulak
Alexander and Nese start they match. They lock up and Nese shoves Alexander away and poses in the ring. They lock up again and Alexander applies a wrist-lock. Alexander takes Nese down and then runs the ropes and drops Nese with a few arm-drags. Alexander takes Nese down with a head-scissors take down and goes for a dropkick, but Nese holds onto the ropes and tags in Gulak. Alexander keeps control of the match and tags in Metalik. Metalik delivers a chop to Gulak and then takes him down with a handspring arm-drag. Metalik keeps dropping Gulak with arm-drags and then applies a submission down on the mat. Alexander tags back in and he and Metalik sends Gulak off the ropes. Alexander kicks Gulak in the face and goes for the cover, but Gulak kicks out at one.
Metalik tags back in and slaps Gulak across the face. Metalik comes off the ropes, but Gulak takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Gulak goes for the cover, but Metalik kicks out at two. Nese tags in and clocks Metalik with a left hand. Nese sends Metalik to the corner, but Metalik counters with a boot to the face and a bulldog. Metalik comes off the ropes and connects with a dropkick and then goes up top again. Nese rolls to the outside, but Metalik walks the ropes and takes Nese down with a moonsault. Alexander comes off the ropes and takes Gulak down as well. Metalik tosses Nese back into the ring and kicks Gulak in the face.
Metalik comes off the top, but Nese catches him and drops him with a gut-buster. Nese goes for the cover, but Metalik kicks out at two. Nese stomps away on Metalik and backs him into the corner. Nese places Metalik on the top and climbs, but Metalik crotches Nese on the top rope. Metalik takes Nese down with a hurricanrana and Gulak and Alexander tag in. Alexander kicks Gulak in the face and then spears him in the corner. Alexander kicks Gulak in the back of the head and drops Nese with a boot to the face. Alexander comes off the top, but Gulak catches him. Gulak grabs Alexander’s leg, but Alexander comes back with an elbow and a kick. Alexander goes for the cover, but Nese breaks it up at two.
Nese kicks Metalik in the face and tosses him to the floor. Alexander takes Nese down, but Gulak rolls Alexander up for a two count. Alexander comes right back and connects with the Lumbar Check on Gulak and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik.

We see Lince Dorado, Noam Dar, and Ariya Daivari backstage discussing the match between Neville and Akira Tozawa. They all make fun of Neville losing, and then Neville shows up looking disheveled. He doesn’t say a word and they all leave. Neville then picks up a chair and hurls it across the locker room. We then see Titus O’Neil talking to someone on his cell phone backstage.

Match #2: The Brian Kendrick vs. Mustafa Ali
Ali quickly takes Kendrick down and goes for the cover, but Kendrick kicks out at one. Ali follows up with a dropkick and goes for another cover, but Kendrick kicks out at two this time. Kendrick comes back with a dropkick, but doesn’t follow up and Ali recovers. Ali comes off the top and takes Kendrick down again. Ali slams Kendrick into the corner and delivers a back elbow. Kendrick comes back with a kick to the face. Kendrick backs away and charges, but Ali moves and kicks Kendrick in the face. Ali takes Kendrick down with a leaping neck-breaker and goes for the cover, but Kendrick kicks out at two.
Ali takes Kendrick up top and delivers a forearm shot. Ali climbs as well, but Kendrick shoves him off. Kendrick comes off the top, but Ali rolls through and kicks Kendrick in the face. Ali goes up top and goes for the inverted 450 splash, but Kendrick kicks him down. Kendrick applies the Captain’s Hook in the middle of the ring, but Ali gets to the ropes to break the hold. Kendrick kicks Ali in the side of the head and sends him to the floor. Kendrick goes out after him and slams him into the LED board at ringside. Kendrick slams Ali into the steel steps and then locks his foot into the steps. Kendrick stalks Ali, but Jack Gallagher attacks Kendrick from behind.
Winner via disqualification: The Brian Kendrick.
After the match, Gallagher tosses Kendrick into the ring and beats him down some more, but Kendrick gets away and escapes through the crowd as Gallagher stares him down.

We see Rich Swann backstage. We hear that he has a rubber match against TJP up next. He says he is ready to return the favor of rubbing a victory in TJP’s face. Ariya Daivari walks up and says he is Swann’s new opponent because TJP is out. Swann asks what happened to TJP. Daivari says he doesn’t know and Swann should be less concerned about his friend and more concerned about what is going to happen to him.

Match #3: Ariya Daivari vs. Rich Swann
Swann applies a side-headlock and takes Daivari down. Daivari fights to his feet and tries to get free, but Swann keeps the hold applied. Swann drops Daivari with a side-headlock take over, but Daivari gets to his feet again. Daivari shoves Swann off the ropes, but Swann comes back with a dropkick. Swann goes for the cover, but Daivari kicks out at one. They battle on the apron and Swann kicks Daivari down to the floor. Swann goes to dive onto Daivari, but Daivari moves and tosses Swann head first onto the ring apron. Daivari tosses Swann back into the ring and stomps away on him. Daivari applies a seated Full Nelson down on the mat, but Swann gets free.
Swann kicks Daivari in the midsection and takes Daivari down to the mat. Swann goes for the cover, but Daivari kicks out at two. Daivari comes back and drops Swann with a neck-breaker. Daivari goes up top and goes for the frog splash, but Swann moves out of the way. Swann kicks Daivari in the side of the head and then goes up top. Swann sets up for the Phoenix Splash, but TJP’s music hits and he makes his way out on crutches. Daivari knocks Swann down and takes him down with the hammer-lock lariat and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Ariya Daivari.
After the match, Swann stares down TJP from the ring.

We see The Brian Kendrick backstage and he is stopped by Dasha Fuentes. He says he doesn’t care anymore and this issue between he and Jack Gallagher needs to stop. He says Gallagher is still a coward, but challenges him to a duel on next week’s show.

We see Titus O’Neil backstage, getting ready for Akira Tozawa’s Championship Celebration.

Titus O’Neil’s music hits and he welcomes the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Akira Tozawa. O’Neil says he isn’t going to waste any time and wants to here from the champ himself. Tozawa thanks the fans and says this is a very important moment for him. O’Neil pops a bottle of champagne, which shocks Tozawa. O’Neil grabs the microphone and says they like to have fun in Titus Worldwide. O’Neil thanks Tozawa for giving him the chance to manage him. He says because of Tozawa, both of their dreams are now a reality. O’Neil says they are about to go celebrate Titus Worldwide style, but Neville’s music hits and the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion interrupts the festivities. He says he brought honor and dignity to the title and made it prestigious.
Neville says Tozawa has made a mockery of everything he achieved in one day. Neville says it will all be rectified at SummerSlam. We see a countdown clock on the Titan Tron and Neville says it is the countdown to Tozawa’s demise. Neville says Tozawa has 114 hours left with the championship, because when the countdown ends, so does Tozawa. O’Neil says Neville looks horrible and is trying to pick a fight, but it isn’t going to happen. Neville charges the ring, but Tozawa dropkicks him back down to the floor. Tozawa goes to the floor and slams Neville into the barricade a few times.
Neville gets into the ring and Tozawa follows. Tozawa sends Neville to the outside and then takes him out with a suicide dive. Tozawa picks up the Cruiserweight title belt and holds it in the air as O’Neil puts him on his shoulders as Neville backs up the ramp and stares them down.

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