Steve Austin says Kenny Omega shouldn’t wait too long to go to WWE

Aug 13, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Working his style, you’ve got to take that all into consideration. It’s dog years once you start working that style all the time, but I’m not going to put a window on it, but I’m just saying like, I’m not here to book Kenny Omega or his next decision, what he’s going to do, but just with respect to hey, in the big picture, as a corporate entity if WWE is going to gets there and has the ability to work with him, it’s like, ‘Hey man, we’d rather have the kid at 34 than 39’ and he says, ‘Hey, man, I’m just going to stay in New Japan finish the mission I started out here. I like the creative freedom. Do you know what? I can go to WWE and just relax at 39 or 40 because I can smoke most of these guys.’ And that’s with due respect. You don’t want to come there too late.”

source: The Steve Austin Show Unleashed

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