Video footage of Pete Dunne’s injury last night

Aug 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The injury occurs when his opponent Darius Carter hits a pedigree on Dunne on top of the title belt, but Carter hits the move without releasing Dunne’s arms so he could protect himself.

Credit to @ThePrideofNYC on Twitter for the video.

Pete Dunne Injured at Indie Show, Will Miss PROGRESS Event

Dunne was injured last night in a match against #DariusCarter in Brooklyn, New York at a show for BattleClub Pro Wrestling. During the match, Dunne took a shot to the head with the championship belt, but the belt strap wrapped around Dunne’ s head causing a nasty cut to his temple. Dunne went to the hospital following the match and received 11 stitches to close the cut.

Following the match, many blasted Carter for being a stiff and reckless wrestler, however many behind the scenes claimed that Carter profusely apologize to Dunne following the event and even attempted to apologize again at the hospital.

As a result of his injury, Dunne will miss tonight’s NYC show in New York, where he was set to face WWE cruiserweight #JackGallagher.

Source: The Spotlight

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