Bruce Prichard on the first time WWE tried to run a lesbian story line in 1996

Aug 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

photo credit: Lee South

Prichard recently went into this topic on a recent episode of Something to Wrestle with.
“Vince actually got cold feet,” Bruce said. “We started it, and we started it with Marlena coming onto Sable. The idea behind that was the whole package that Goldust package of Goldust and Marlena — this androgynous couple. Both of them probably swing in and every way.”

“So it was started that way and Vince got cold feet. I don’t know if it was pressure from USA or if he just felt watching it that it was uncomfortable going there for whatever reason. But we had planned on going full-hilt.”

If Vince McMahon hadn’t gotten “cold feet” then we might have a very different kind of highlight package to watch from the Attitude Era days. We can’t imagine it would ever get a collection on the WWE Network though. But that was the Attitude Era for you.

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