Update on Rey Mysterio

Aug 10, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

It was recently reported that WWE passed on Rey Mysterio due to problems with his management team, specifically Konnan.

However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Rey Mysterio’s talks with WWE were overblown, and Mysterio is looking at possibly working with GFW because the schedule would allow him to work on other outside projects, and at this stage of his career he’s not able to work the WWE schedule.

Unless WWE offers Rey Mysterious a schedule with very limited dates, he’s unlikely to sign a new deal with the company, and he’s unlikely to take a non-talent public relations job because it wouldn’t pay as much as he could earn working the independent scene.

Rey had a great deal with Lucha Underground, but the fact that he’s looking elsewhere for work is not a good sign for Lucha Underground as he was the biggest name working with the company. But due to the lack of Lucha Underground live events, no merchandise and the long delays between tapings, the company is reportedly unable to offer him what he was making with his previous deal.

In regards to the Konnan situation, it’s being reported that Konnan said he has not negotiated with WWE on behalf of Rey Mysterio, and if Rey did want to talk with WWE he would step aside and let Rey negotiate for himself.

Source: The Spotlight

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