GFW house show results from Staten Island

Aug 5, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Jeff Sheridan:

1.Fallah Bahh beat KM [Sienna in his corner]

2.Pat Buck, Anthony Bowens & Dan Maff beat The Heavenly Bodies [their individual names were never announced]

3.Trevor Lee beat Mario Bokara, after the match Sonjay Dutt came out to beat up Trevor

4.In a non-Knockouts title 3 way match, Taya Valkyrie beat Sienna [KM in her corner] & Allie.

5.Eli Drake beat Braxton Sutter [Allie in his corner]. After the match as Allie was helping Braxton up, he shoves her away

6.LAX’s Santana & Ortiz beat Sonjay Dutt & Drago, after the match Trevor Lee comes out & steals Sonjay’s X-Division belt which makes both, Sonjay & Drago chase Trevor to the back.

7.Moose, John Hennigan & James Storm beat Lashley, EC3 & Low-Ki, after the match Lashley at 1 point tried coming back in but got beat up by Moose, Hennigan & Storm. After this Storm, Moose & Hennigan invited fans to the ring to have their picture taken for $20

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