No WWE Return for Rey Mysterio?

Aug 4, 2017 - by Bill Fenbers

Multiple sources are reporting that WWE has decided to not bring back former World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio.

The reasoning appears to involve Mysterio’s representation, Konnan from GFW’s Latin American XChange.  There has been a rift between Konnan and Vince McMahon dating back to 1992, when McMahon invested a great deal of time and money into Konnan’s ‘Max Moon’ character and ring attire.  But Konnan was missing WWF TV tapings due to his popularity in Mexico, he had a bad attitude according to his WWF colleagues, and ultimately a backstage disagreement with Vince McMahon led to Konnan leaving the WWF and continue performing in Mexico.  The ‘Max Moon’ character was given to Paul Diamond after Konnan’s departure.

Konnan was recently backstage at a SmackDown taping to meet with Chris Jericho.  However the meeting did nothing to help mend the relationship between Konnan and Vince McMahon & WWE officials.

As for the 42-year old Mysterio, it’s possible that Global Force Wrestling will offer him a contract.  Some feel he would immediately become the promotion’s top star.  A potential hold-up in contract negotiations with GWF would be Mysterio’s desire to retain control of third-party bookings, and also control his own schedule.

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