GFW Impact Wrestling Recap – 8/3/17 (Grand Championship Match, New LAX Member Announced)

Aug 3, 2017 - by Bill Fenbers

LAX is in the club house. Konnan announces a new member arriving tonight. He’ll make his way known during the main event tonight, which is LAX vs. Patron, his brother, and his father.

Drago vs. Dezmond Xavier

This is a second round match in the Super X Cup.

The first segment of the match was mainly a feeling out process.  Both held control briefly.  As we go to commerical, Drago hit a suicide dive on Xavier on the outside.

When we return, both men deliver a kick to the head at the same time. This staggers the men for awhile. It’s Xavier who recovers first and holds control over Drago, including an impressive tope con giro.  Drago fights back and after back and forth, he eventually hits his running DDT, which won him the first round match.  But Xavier kicked out this time! Dezmond eventually hits a kick around the turnbuckle (outside on the apron) called the X19 and a then an impressive corkscrew splash for the 1-2-3.

Desmond Xavier defeats Drago.

Jeremy Borash interviews Xavier after the match.  He said if he can beat Drago, he’s destined to win it all.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews EC3 backstage about his Grand Championship match against Moose tonight.  He says he’s not just battling Moose but three judges led by the corrupt Bruce Prichard.  Carter also claims to be in Moose’s head.

Video package hyping Lashley/Sydal

McKenzie interviews the Patron family.  He says everyone has heard what Konnan has said, but the fact is, no one should trust Konnan.  He told his brother that he’s worried about him because he’s seen him talking to Konnan and wants to know if he can trust him.  Patron says he feels he just can’t trust him tonight.  Karen Jarrett comes in to stop the bickering, saying if you can’t trust family, who can you trust.  Prichard also rolls in because, of course.  After the Patron family leaves, Prichard tells Karen he needs to talk to her alone immediately.

Trevor Lee vs. Mumbai Cat

Trevor Lee continues to wrestle while wearing the  X Division title.  Lee has control.  However, the Mumbai Cats pull twin magic when Lee and the ref aren’t paying attention.  The fresh cat is fired up and gets the win.

But it’s really Sonjay Dutt!

Mumbai Cat defeats Trevor Lee.

Bruce Prichard and security try to remove Dutt, but he grabs a mic and asks for a moment to speak.  To borrow a phrase, he says to be the champ, you have to beat the champ.  He challenges Lee to an X Division Ladder Match at Destination X.  Then he allows security to escort him out.

They play a video about Bobby Lashley’s gym.  They interview people about whether Lashley is able to do both MMA and wrestling.

They play a backstage conversation from earlier tonight between Grado and Joseph Park.  They are discussing trying to get Laurel Van Ness to marry Grado.  The Scotsman asks about Kongo Kong.  Park says he has a plan for that.

Eli Drake (w/Chris Adonis) vs. Eddie Edwards

The match doesn’t happen because Kongo Kong attacked Eddie Edwards backstage.  Laurel Van Ness is trying to calm him down, to no avail.  It looks like Kongo may have just been wrecking stuff and Eddie was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After a commercial, Laurel is still trying to calm Kongo down backstage.  Now Kongo is attacking Richard Justice, the dude who’s always working out backstage because he always needs to be ready for a match.

EC3 vs. Moose for the Grand Championship

Round 1: The first half was all Moose. But when it went outside, Carter tossed Moose into the steel steps and started unloading on him.  He controlled the second half.

EC3 wins the round by split decision.

Round 2: EC3 controlled the first 2 minutes.  After enduring some slaps, Moose fired up.  The round ended after Moose hitting a drop kick to Carter who is on the top rope.

Round 3: First two minutes were mainly all Moose outside a couple moves by EC3. Carter hits a One Percenter but it’s no longer his finish so Moose kicked out. Carter controlled much of that last minute, but
the final move was a chokeslam by Moose.  Feels like this could be Moose’s round.
Both Scott D’Amore and Dutch Mantell counted that round as 10/10. B ruce Prichard says it’s 10-8 in favor of EC3.  EC3 is the new champion.

Moose is understandably angry post match.

KM, Mario Bokara, and Fallah Bahh vs. Suicide, Braxton Sutter, and Grado

Chaos early on.  Grado teased a top rope move onto the floor, but instead he was knocked into the ring by Bokara and became face in peril.

It soon breaks back down with every one getting involved.  Braxton shoves KM over Grado, and Grado pins him.

Suicide, Sutter, & Grado win.

After the match, Grado asks Laurel join him in the ring.  Joseph Park walks her down, but soon Kongo Kong comes down to the ring.  Grado runs at the big man but Kong drops him.

For some reason, Allie wants to stick around and help but Braxton takes her to the back.

Meanwhile, Kongo climbs to the top to splash Grado, but Laurel stops him as Park grabs Grado and pulls him out of the ring.

McKenzie interviews Konnan and LAX.  Konnan tells “random white girl #5” to shut her mouth and then says Alberto El Patron made two mistakes, lying to him and trusting his partners tonight.

EC3 comes down wearing his Grand Championship.  He grabs a microphone.  He tells the Grand Championship he loves it.  He then kisses the title.

LAX vs. Alberto El Patron, Dos Caros, & El Hijo de Dos Caras

LAX is represented by Homicide, Ortiz, & Santana.

The Patron family controls the first segment, with Dos Caras getting some moves in prior El Hijo coming in.  He lands a suicide dive on Homicide when Impact goes to break.

Alberto is the ring when they come back and LAX has control.  After being worked over for awhile, he tags in his brother who comes out hot.  But when he goes to the top rope, members of LAX pull him down.  Now he’s in trouble.

He’s finally able to tag in Patron who is a house of fire.  Alberto has full control and takes out all three members of LAX in the match, but the ref went own in the fray.

His brother comes in with a chair and looks like he’s going to hit Patron but he hits Homicide instead!  He gets Homicide in the arm breaker… BUT LOW-KI WITH A WARRIOR’S WAY ON PATRON!  HE’S WEARING AN LAX JACKET!

Santana pins Alberto as the ref comes to.

LAX defeats the Patron Family.  Low-Ki is the new member of The Latin American XChange.

SOURCEKyle Decker / Cageside Seats

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