Billy Graham says Ric Flair speaking the truth

Aug 3, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham posted the following blog on his Facebook page:

Ric Flair SPEAKS

Hello fans. The rest of the title to this post should read, ” Ric Flair Speaks The Truth. ” A few days ago, my dear friend Ric Flair gave an interview to the Miami newspaper. He said that he didn’t think that John Cena would break his 16 time world championship title run, because he is too busy with Hollywood. I had to laugh at that statement to myself because it only takes one match to win and one match to lose it back. However, after reading that the new Japanese sensation Nakamura did in fact beat Cena, making him the # 1 contender for the WWE Title against Mahal at Summerslam, I now agree with Ric.

Cena, is doing a tremendous job in the city of the stars, Hollywood. I bet I saw his Hefty trash bag commercial 50 times. And he looked great in those spots. Cena, compared to Nakamura, looks like G I Joe. He looks like a real marine. Nakamura looks modern and hip with his hip hair cut and his cool but impressive moves. But, I have never heard this guy cut a promo. Can he speak English? Or at least broken English because that’s all he needs.

So, Cena has also been told that he is going back to RAW full time after Summerslam. They need him because it’s a 3 hour long show says Dave Meltzer. They need him on RAW for more reasons than that. Therefore, my question to you intelligent fans out there is this: Will Cena ever get to # 17 WWE title wins now that he is in fact going to be a major Hollywood star? And why does he even keep wrestling at this point? He has 15 years in this thing and yes he is a great spokesperson for the WWE, but they can find someone else to do that.

With the ” coolness ” that Nakamura exhibits, he makes Cena look out of touch with the current product. So I say to John, call it a career my brother as you just don’t need this business anymore.

Superstar Billy Graham

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