Audio: Global Force Wrestling conference call featuring Karen Jarrett, Sienna, and Laurel Van Ness

Aug 2, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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The Knockouts Division takes center stage in the weekly GFW Media Teleconference.

GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna has the throne and will be joined by one of her biggest opponents: Karen Jarrett, the GFW Executive Director. Sienna and Jarrett have gone face-to-face in-ring on the microphone, so this Teleconference promises more of the same. Throw in the jilted, unpredictable Laurel Van Ness, and this week’s Teleconference could go in any number of directions.

Topics addressed include:

– The Karen Jarrett/Braun Strowman incident
– Karen’s dream Knockout match
– The upcoming McGregor vs. Mayweather fight
– Sienna’s MMA background
– The development of the Laurel Van Ness character
– Lauren’s real life relationship with Zack Ryder
– Lauren’s Tough Enough experience
– Karen’s pick for this year’s hall of fame
– Keep the knockouts name for the division
– The Hardy’s situation
– Possibility of adding a Knockouts tag team division
– The creative process in GFW
– Gail Kim retiring from the ring
– and more!

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