Zema Ion talks about his life threatening injury in Mexico

Jul 31, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“I did a match in Mexico City at the beginning of April. Yeah, what sucked about this too was I came back from the wrist injury in January. I was just starting to get back to where I was before the wrist injury and then I get hurt in Mexico! But, yeah, basically, man, what happened was I took a 450º splash in this match in Mexico City. And when The Laredo Kid landed on my with this 450, you might as well have dropped a bag of cement from the top rope. That’s how hard he landed on me. I thought I broke a rib, he knocked the wind out of me immediately. And I finished the match. I knew something was wrong. I didn’t know to what extent. After the match is over, I go to the locker room and I’m trying to catch my breath because, like, the wind is still basically knocked out of me. I ended up in the ambulance and that’s where I recorded the now infamous video that I posted on Twitter, just letting the world know that I was going to the hospital because I was hurt and didn’t know why. They take me to a hospital nearby and they stick me with an IV and pain Zema Ionmedication and anti-nausea medication and I actually feel better when they do this. I’m like, ‘I’m okay!’ and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah.’ They never ran any tests. They were just like, ‘Yeah, you’re fine! You can go.’ So they release me and I go back to my hotel, which was like a 30-minute drive. As I start getting close to the hotel, I start feeling weird again. I walk into the hotel and there’s a bathroom in the lobby of the hotel. I walk in there and as soon as I get in the lobby, throw my bags on the floor and go straight to that bathroom because I need to go. I went to use the bathroom and I go and I s–t pure blood and I know that’s not normal. My body temperature is rising. I’m sweating profusely, but I’m just sitting on this toilet going, ‘I know something is really, really wrong with me.’ And I finally, like, try to walk out of the bathroom, and, as I’m walking out of the bathroom, I grab the handle to open the door and I just faint, just faint, drop on the bathroom floor.I go into the hospital and these people are like, ‘We’re not touching you until you pay us $500 right now. Like, we’re not running any tests.’ ‘Wow, okay.’ So I gave them my credit card. This is how the debt I mentioned earlier started to form… They run a bunch of tests. They tell me, ‘You’re bleeding internally really bad. Like, this is serious. Your colon appears to be ruptured. That’s what’s causing you to bleed internally, so what we’re going to have to do to save your life.’ That’s how serious it was. ‘What we’re going to have to do to save your life is cut open your abdomen, clean all of this internal bleeding, and then remove part of your colon, and resection your colon back together. 80% chance that we can do this and it’ll be okay, 20% chance we can’t do this and you’re going to be rocking a s–t bag for the rest of your life.’ Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.”

source: Colt Cabana’s podcast

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