GFW’s attempts at trademarking “Broken” gimmick reportedly refused

Jul 29, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

According to PWInsider, Global Force Wrestling recently attempted to trademark the phrases “Broken Matt”, “Brother Nero”, “Broken Brilliance” and “Vanguard1”. However, all four names were refused by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

With regards to the “Broken Matt” name, this was likely refused to GFW as Matt Hardy has already applied to trademark “Broken Matt Hardy.”

For GFW to get the trademark approved, they would have to provide a valid argument that it does not conflict with Matt Hardy’s claim. Once the argument is filed, GFW would have to wait on the USPTO’s decision on Matt’s claim, since he filed for the trademark first. Secondly, since the trademark applies to a living person, GFW would likely have to get permission from Matt Hardy, which is not likely given the current relationship.

With regards to “Brother Nero”, that was refused as GFW did not indicate if it applied to a living person, and Jeff Hardy’s legal middle name is Nero.

“Broken Brilliance” was denied because GFW did not specify whether or not the phrase has pro wrestling significance or is simply a “term of art” in wrestling.

“Vanguard1” was likely denied due to resemblance of other, similar terms.

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