GFW using Bobby Roode for footage during current broadcasts

Jul 28, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

In the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter it is reported GFW is going to use old content in an attempt to save money. It turns out GFW has footage of NXT Star Bobby Roode when he worked for them a few years ago and they plan to use it.

Remember when GFW had a bunch of television tapings in Las Vegas a couple of years ago in an attempt to secure a TV deal? They’re going to use that footage.

GFW also has footage of #UFC Star Chael Sonnen and Hardys & Scott Steiner and others who aren’t a part of their current roster. Global Force will be using this footage for their “One Night Only” shows in India, the UK, and the US and plan to pass it off as current Product

Apparently, GFW has been using footage of Bobby Roode with the marketing around it being “what is Bobby Roode doing in GFW????”

They’re posturing these shows as being new even though they are very outdated and were taped well before Roode became the Glorious One in WWE But you’d be surprised who you can fool with simple editing techniques.

This is not illegal and is in no way a violation of any exclusive agreement Roode has with WWE. GFW owns the footage and they just figured out a clever way to use it. This is a technique that’s been used by pro wrestling promoters in the past so we can’t really fault Jeff Jarrett and Company for trying it out here.

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