Ricochet comments on his New Japan shoot towards Lucha Underground

Jul 27, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Ricochet also wrestles under a mask as Prince Puma on #LU. Rumors have circulated that he is unhappy with his LU contract, which prevents him from wrestling on television in the United States until all of Lucha’s third season airs on El Rey Network. Ricochet even cut a promo #NJPWG1 Special from Long Beach, Calif., where he referred to Lucha Underground as “Pricks.”

“I don’t have any hard feelings against anyone at Lucha Underground,” said Ricochet. “That was just me poking at them a little bit, you know? If I was really mad at them, I would have said something more meaningful than ‘pricks’. That’s not even that bad of an insult, it was just more me poking at them and ruffling some feathers.”

Ricochet is under contract to Lucha Underground until the end of Season 3, which is tentatively scheduled to conclude in September. If he decided not to re-sign with the company, a 90-day non-compete clause would then be enforced.

My contract finished last June,” explained Ricochet. “I’m on the no-compete for the rest of Lucha Underground’s season three, then I have 90 days after that.

“I can be on any TV as long as it’s not American TV. I can work indies, I can do iPPVs, most anything, really, just not on American TV. I’m not sure about a Season 4 with Lucha Underground. I’m busy until October, and I might take November off to heal up again. I really want to work on my diet and get myself in the best shape possible.”

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