Another GFW star confirms he’s done with the company

Jul 24, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The company has gone from TNA, to Impact Wrestling to Global Force Wrestling, and they’ve lost a few members of the roster in the process.

Earlier this year The Hardys, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis, and Drew McIntyre parted ways with the company, and they have all since returned to WWE.

Now another GFW star has parted ways with the company, as Matt Morgan confirmed his status on the Wrestling Inc podcast.

“Here’s the deal. I made an agreement to wrestle with them on weekends, right? Where I didn’t have to leave my 9-5 job, anything like that. And unfortunately it just didn’t work out because they switched it and they started taping on week days and they’re looking to travel. So when I first talking to Jeff [Jarrett] about this, the idea was you know, you guys are 20 minutes from my house, you guys are there on the weekends. As long as you guys are there on the weekends I can do this.”

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