Sean Waltman doesn’t think Jinder Mahal has creative control of his WWE character

Jul 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Sean Doesn’t Think Jinder Mahal Has Creative Control of His WWE Character

“No, not in the way that people are interpreting what he’s saying. No one does, and no one ever has. I think that Vince probably did tell him you have the final say on this because some of it could be racially sensitive, or ethnically, cause he’s talking about a lot of things that are ethnically charged.”

When talking about whether Mahal should have more input, Sean said, “he should because he’s the one that’s out there saying these things. So I understand, if that’s what he’s talking about then ok, yes, but as far as like, ok, I have creative control so I don’t, I’m not going to lose to this person, no, I’m not dropping the title…In our industry when we talk about creative control, usually it means ok, they have control over everything that that character does. Who they wrestle, who they win, who they beat, who they lose to, what they say, you know, everything.”

When asked about who had the most creative control, Sean said, “Steve Austin, a lot. Rock, a ton. Us, D-Generation X. We had a ton!”

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