Speculation on why WWE hasn’t released Paige

Jul 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The reason why WWE officials have yet to release her is because of the movie that is still in development about her family. The powers that be want to release her, but they really can’t let the publicity for the movie go elsewhere like Global Force Wrestling.

“Fighting With My Family” is going to bring a lot of mainstream attention to Paige, especially with The Rock involved as an executive producer. WWE officials realize that and don’t want that publicity to go to another promotion, especially with The Rock attached to the project and isn’t signed to WWE either and can be used in other organizations to promote the film or be shown promoting it on their program

Paige has been dropped by Total Divas and she hasn’t appeared on RAW or Smackdown Live for over a year.

Her return to WWE is expected over the next few months but due to recent events and health issues WWE has yet to green light it, but it’s unclear if she’ll stay with the company for much longer than the momentum from the movie takes her.

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