Ryback talks about his issues with CM Punk

Jul 18, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“After I had been up there are started doing the ‘feed me more’ chants, Vince (McMahon) took away all my stuff, which I wasn’t allowed to do the taunt or anything and I was working heel the whole time. It was taken away from me and everybody in the company knew it was taken away from me, told (to) me not to do it anymore for whatever that whole f–king period was. And he started doing this, ‘CM Punk! CM Punk!’ trying to do the arm taunt with it, and it was both ‘CM Punk’ (chant) and ‘GTS’ (chant), it was both, I believe, but people would do, ‘feed me more’ when he did it and they would try to and it never caught back on again, but I remember it was just so petty, I CM Punk thought at that time, and it’s not whatever, but it’s something that eventually after him doing it again, I was in the locker room. I saw it on the monitor. I had my boots off. I was getting changed and I said, ‘f–k this’ and went into ‘Gorilla’ (position) and when he came back there just said, ‘I don’t appreciate you doing this. That was taken away from me. That was my thing. I got it over’ and he was caught off guard with the whole thing, like, ‘I was f–king doing that before!’ And I go, ‘you didn’t get it over. I did.’ And he wasn’t happy.”

Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

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