Alexa Bliss says she learned a lot from Bayley

Jul 16, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“In the ring-wise, I’ve learned a lot from working with Bayley. From working with Charlotte and Becky [Lynch] and Sasha [Banks], they’ve all made me a better performer in some way or another. And I’ve had some of my best matches in NXT with Bayley, which raised my confidence in the ring because I didn’t have a whole lot of in-ring confidence because I was with Blake and Murphy. And Blake and Murphy helped me develop the actual Alexa Bliss character. I wouldn’t be the bratty person without them because I was this little, happy, glittery tutu-wearing thing and when I joined Blake and Murphy, I got to really experiment and got them to help me evolve and develop who Alexa Bliss really is. And those are definitely people who’ve helped me and influenced me the most in NXT, for sure.”


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