Backstage News on WWE Stars The Hardys Almost Acquiring the ‘Broken’ Gimmick Rights

Jul 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Backstage News on #WWE Stars The Hardys Almost Acquiring the ‘Broken’ Gimmick Rights, and How much they will pay for it and what went wrong

As noted, a deal had been reached last week which would have seen #TheHardys acquire the rights to the “#BrokenUniverse” gimmick, however the deal fell through and The Hardys and GFW once again appear to be at an impasse.

Reby Hardy also noted on Twitter that the deal induced an anti-disparagement clause which would mandate that Reby pay Anthem/#GFW $5,000 anytime she made disparaging remark about the company on social media.

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that despite the deal being in place, Anthem President Ed Nordholm would not sign off the contract.

“They made a deal last week”, Meltzer revealed. “But when that happened I was pretty much told that they’ve come close before and it’s fallen apart and you know the fact is even though it was agreed upon, Ed Nordholm had not signed off on it. And that happened, you know, it’s happened before. So it’s a very tenuous tense situation.

“They’ll kind of mediate the thing, they’ll come to an agreement and then Impact won’t sign off on it. It seems to happen. You know, I remember when I was told about the deal pretty much, you know, being close to done, they’re was the caveat of ‘Well they may back out again ’cause they always seem to do that.’”

According to an article on, the Hardys were willing to pay $10,000 to $15,000 for the rights to the ‘Broken’ trademark. The deal would have also included a non-disparagement clause and the Hardys sending out a press release to end the conflict on good terms.

When the deal appeared to be done, Anthem reportedly made further demands including wanting 50% of all Hardy revenue which included Jeff Hardy’s art and music. The Hardys reportedly saw this as a ‘monumental heist and money-grab’ and the deal was not made. According to GFW sources, Jarrett’s current plan is to stall in hopes that the Hardys will give up pursuing the case.

Source: The Spotlight

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