Vader accusing Diamond Dallas Page of refusing to help with his health

Jul 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Vader is accusing DDP of refusing to help him with his health.

Via Twitter:

“This bull s–t @REALDDP TURNED ME DOWN BY SAYING HAD TO QUIT WRESTLING OR I WASN’T WELCOME AT HIS TRAINING CENTER. I have to wrestle to pay hospital bills he said I was still wrestling he couldn’t do anything for me. I wrestle twice a month. VaderWas told because I needed the to lose WT to save my life but I couldn’t come to his yoga center because I was still wrestling a two times a month.” Here is DDP’s response: “I can’t heal you with the program if you’re constantly continuing to beat up your body wrestling, the program wouldn’t have helped Jake [Roberts] or anyone else. I worked with Leon and he’s really beat up from all the years of football and wrestling. My initials aren’t JC, they’re DDP. Everyone at any age needs time to heal, especially at 61, that’s just common sense. Anybody who knows me at all knows I would never turn anyone down to work with them at my PC, especially one of the boys. Leon just needs to return my call.”

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