Jeff Jarrett comments on status of the GFW Title

Jul 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Jeff Jarrett did a conference call today and addressed several topics about Global Force Wrestling.

Here is a recap courtesy of Heel By Nature:

GFW Title: “When asked about if the GFW title is currently vacant, Jarrett wouldn’t comment much on it as there is currently an investigation going on.

He also stated the title is the least of importance in regards to this situation. Jarrett says he has been in contact with Alberto and his representatives. Jarrett says its a ‘priority’ to keep top guys with the company.”

Doing live events: “Jarrett says they are looking into doing PPV’s outside the Impact Zone, pending financial direction. They will start with live events first and go from there, Jarrett is taking pointers from the WWE with GFW brand being more ‘sponsor friendly.'”

On Recent talent release; Jeff Jarrett says the decision to part ways with Shane Helms and Al Snow was strictly financial because they had too many agents.

On Remove Alberto in future shows; Jeff just came back to this question. Says Patron’s footage won’t be edited out of show because it would “further damage the brand.”

Jarrett just made it sound like they won’t be stripping Alberto of the title during his suspension, but didn’t outright say it.

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