Bayley talks about who she travels with

Jul 1, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“In NXT, it was always Carmella; she is one of my best friends. It was so much fun, but now she is on SmackDown, which is fine, but I travel with Sasha Banks now. Everyone just travels with their friends because it’s easier since you are all on the same schedule as your friends, but I don’t know how other cars are, I have traveled with some of the guys when I was in NXT and they are always constantly talking about wrestling; constantly trying to book stuff, always wrestling, but with Sasha Banks and I, it’s still new to us being together all the time, but we talk about friends and family but we also like to complain to each other and vent to each other about everything. She’s one of those people that you can do that with but I can just let it all out, same with her. Or, we can just be huge freaking marks together and talk about how this is the coolest thing ever being able to do this.”

source: Steve Austin’s podcast

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