Steiner talks WWE hall of fame, heat with Hogan, his legacy, his status/future, the product today, more

Jun 28, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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Scott Steiner conducted a conference call to plug the upcoming Slammiversary PPV.

Topics discussed:

– longevity in the wrestling business
– Another title run in TNA, and his status with the company
– Dixie Carter (“she’s a joke”)
– His legal issues with TNA
– The TNA hall of fame
– Favorite memories, including his run with the main event mafia
– The atmosphere change in the company
– Thoughts on the business today (shoots on Hunter and Stephanie)
– Why he won’t be going into the WWE hall of fame (“its a joke”)
– Hulk Hogan trying to get him a arrested (“He’s a piece of garbage)
– Why he doesn’t watch wrestling today
– Thoughts on the Russo/Cornette saga
– The University of Michigan
– Political correctness
– His legacy
– Slammiversary
– How many freaks has he been with?
– and more

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