6/28/17 NXT Recap: Velveteen Dream, Hideo Itami in Action; Asuka vs. Nikki Cross – Last Woman Standing

Jun 28, 2017 - by Michael Riba

NXT opens with the video hype for the Last Woman Standing Match between Asuka and Nikki Cross, in which Asuka will put her NXT Women’s Championship on the line. We then see the NXT opening video and then go into the NXT Arena at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, and a returning Mauro Ranallo welcome us to the show.

Match #1: The Velveteen Dream vs. Hoho Lun
They tie up and Dream breaks free and backs against the ropes. Dream backs Lun into the corner, but Lun gets free. Dream applies a side headlock, but Lun lands on his feet after a back body drop. Dream keeps control and delivers a back breaker to Lun and goes up top. Dream connects with the Purple Rainmaker elbow drop and gets the pin fall.
Winner: The Velveteen Dream.

We are reminded again of the Last Woman Standing Match between Asuka and Nikki Cross. We see Asuka arriving to the arena earlier toaday and the car stops when Nikki Cross jumps on the hood and beats on the window. Asuka and Nikki are pulled apart outside the arena. We then see Asuka warming up for the match backstage.

We take a look back at the match between Hideo Itami and Oney Lorcan from three weeks ago, in which Itami hit Lorcan with four Go To Sleeps before Kassius Ohno ran out to make the save and got into it with with Itami. We see that Lorcan and Itami will have a rematch up next.

We see Heavy Machinery and The Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering backstage. He says Heavy Machinery have proven that they are worthy of an NXT Tag Team Championship Match. He says the match will happen in two weeks. Heavy Machinery say they won’t even need a second plate after they are finished with them and Ellering asked what Jurassic Age Regal found them in.

Match #2: Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan
Lorcan uppercuts Itami in the corner and delivers a series of chops and Itami is busted open and the referee stops the match so the doctors can tend to him and the doctors call the match off.
Match Result: No Contest.

We see that Bobby Roode will defend the NXT Championship against Roderick Strong on next week’s show. We then take a look at a video hype package for the feud between the two.

Hideo Itami makes his way back to the ring and tells Lorcan to come back out.

Match #2 (continued): Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan
Itami attacks Lorcan before the bell and then drapes him over the top rope. Itami drops Lorcan with a kick and then knees him in the back of the head. Itami kicks Lorcan in the back and then uppercuts him in the corner. Itami sends Lorcan to the outside and bounces him off the apron as we head to a break.
We’re back and Itami connects with a spinning back kick, but Lorcan takes Itami down with a neck-breaker. Lorcan goes for the cover, but Itami kicks out at two. Lorcan takes Itami to the corner and delivers a few uppercuts, but Itami comes back and connects with forearm shots and then drapes Lorcan over the top rope. Itami takes Lorcan down with a flying clotheslines and goes for the cover, but Lorcan kicks out at two. Itami goes for the GTS, but Lorcan escapes and grabs his knee down on the mat. Itami grabs him and connects with the Go To Sleep and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Hideo Itami.
After the match, Itami calls out Kassius Ohno. They get face-to-face and Nikki Cross runs and gets on the ring apron. SAnitY rushes the ring and destroys Itami and Ohno. Alexander Wolfe grabs a mic. He says all of the forced friendships support pleasantries. He says they have to end all of the lies and the best way to do that is “chaos,” said by Killian Dain. Wolfe says Eric Young is away working on his master plan and he can’t wait until it is revealed. He says as for tonight, the first note will be played for Nikki Cross. Nikki goes crazy and tells Wolfe and Dain to leave the ring.

Match #3: NXT Women’s Championship Last Woman Standing Match – Asuka (c) vs. Nikki Cross
They tie up and goes for kicks on each other, but neither can connects and stand at a stalemate. Asuka backs Nikki against the ropes and connects with right hands. Nikki comes back and sends Asuka off the ropes and connects with a cross-body. Asuka returns the favor and connects with a vicious kick to Nikki’s face. Asuka slides out of the ring, but Nikki traps her between the apron and the ring skirt. Nikki pummels Asuka with right hands and then grabs steel chairs from under the ring as we head to a break.
We’re back and Nikki slams Asuka into the steel steps. The referee counts, but Asuka gets up quickly. Asuka slams Nikki into the steps now and the referee beings to count Nikki. Asuka slams Nikki face-first into the steel steps repeatedly. Asuka grabs a trash can from under the ring and tosses it into the ring. Asuka puts the trash can over Nikki and kicks the trashcan and Nikki repeatedly. Asuka connects with a top rope dropkick to Nikki and the trash can. The referee counts Nikki, but she gets up at eight. Asuka continues the attack to Nikki with the kicks. Asuka grabs more steel chairs and tosses them into the ring. Nikki comes off the apron, but Asuka catches her with a knee strike to the face. The referee counts Nikki as Asuka tosses more chairs into the ring. Asuka and Nikki battle on the apron and Nikki drops Asuka with a DDT on the apron. Nikki stacks the chairs on top of each other as Asuka is counted by the referee. Asuka gets up at five and Nikki pummels her in the corner. Nikki places Asuka on top of the chairs and climbs up top, but Asuka meets her there. Asuka kicks Nikki in the face and then power slams her down onto the stack of chairs. Asuka grabs Nikki, but Nikki counters with a suplex to Asuka on top of the chairs and the referee counts both women. Both women struggle to their feet as we head to a break.
We’re back and Asuka delivers a series of kicks to Nikki’s chest. Asuka goes for a spinning back fist, but Nikki counters and slams Asuka down to the mat. Nikki delivers forearms and then drops her with a fisherman’s neckbreaker. The referee counts Asuka, but she makes it to her feet at five. Nikki drops Asuka with three more neck-breakers. Nikki grabs the women’s title belt and tries to hit Asuka with it, but Asuka counters and Nikki gets hit with the belt. Asuka kicks Nikki in the face but Nikki gets to her feet at seven. Asuka goes for a suplex to the outside onto the chairs, but Nikki counters and drapes Asuka over the top rope. Nikki power bombs Asuka onto the chairs that were stacked on the floor. Asuka gets to her feet at nine. Asuka and Nikki battle on the ramp. Asuka punches Nikki down to the floor and then connects with a leaping hip attack. They fight by the announce table and Asuka kicks a stage light after Nikki ducks and Asuka grabs her ankle down on the floor. Nikki connects with a spinning neck-breaker on the floor, but Asuka gets back up at nine. Asuka comes back with a spinning back-fist, but Nikki hits her with a ladder. Nikki slams Asuka into the tech area. Nikki pulls a table out and slams Asuka into it. Nikki sets up the ladder beside the table. Nikki slams Asuka into the table again and then sets her on top of it. Nikki climbs the ladder, but Asuka gets up and climbs as well. Asuka grabs Nikki and suplexes her through the announce table. The referee counts both women, but Asuka gets up at nine and Nikki cannot answer the ten count.
Winner and still NXT Women’s Champion: Asuka.
After the match, referees check on Nikki as Asuka looks on and smiles from the stage. Asuka raises her title in the air as NXT comes to a close.

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