Ten year anniversary of the Chris Benoit double murder suicide

Jun 25, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

On Monday, June 25 2007, 40-year-old Chris Benoit was found dead along with his wife Nancy, 43, and their son Daniel, age 7, inside their Fayetteville, Georgia home. It’s the story that shook the world of professional wrestling to its deepest core. The unthinkable happened: Benoit strangled his wife on Saturday June 23, then suffocated his son the day after, before later in the day committed suicide. WWE went ahead a presented a Chris Benoit tribute show on Monday Night Raw, with several WWE Superstars crying as they recounted stories about their friend. It’s a decision that to this day is considered to be one of the worst by Vince McMahon ever since he took over his father’s company. Our Timeline feature, The Chris Benoit Double Murder-Suicide relives the whole saga in chronological order, starting on June 25, 2007 and the last news item related to the story on June 12, 2009. There are also 26 videos collected from YouTube which shows coverage of the story by the mainstream media as well as appearances from current and former WWE Superstars who appeared on countless shows to discuss the horrible events that happened on that day. 

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