Sonjay Dutt reveals why he returned to Impact Wrestling

Jun 24, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Dutt reveals why he returned to Impact Wrestling:

“I was under contract for six total years, I left, I came back. I would come back, leave, I’d come back, I’d leave. And part of that was my own doing. I didn’t want to sign a contract. This time around, everything just kind of fit perfect, and in the midst of all those starts and stops with that company, I never lost sight of what I really wanted. To be a pro wrestler is the only job I had, and I continue to make a living with it without being under contract to anyone. I had some offers from ROH, had some offers from WWE, and it just shows that if you really do want something… you put everything into what you really do want.”

source: WZ

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