Orton talks about what wrestlers his children like

Jun 24, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Randy Orton talks about what wrestlers his children like:

“Well, they’re partial to me. Cena – they have their favorites like Luke Harper, they like watching him, Sin Randy OrtonCara, the guys that do all the cool aerial maneuvers. Roman Reigns – it just depends. They enjoyed – they were fans before me and their mother met. That’s how I met her, was actually at a show up in New York she brought the boys to a show. So they were fans since they were very young. They’ll quiz me about matches I’ve had and I’ll have no idea what year it took place, who it was against, where it was, what the finish was – simply because of the WWE Network, YouTUbe. Last night I was watching a match with my grandfather from 1958. Just to remember where it came from, how it was back then. It was a hard, stiff boxing ring and they didn’t take all these bumps. They told a story and the fans were on the edge of their seat because of how they were telling the story. And so many things have changed, but you can watch those old tapes via YouTube and the network and it gives guys like me ideas on how to mix it up and be different than everybody else. So it’s a pretty powerful thing.”

Source: 105.7 The Point

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