Has WWE become too predictable?

Jun 16, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

by Daniel Street

WWE is the world’s largest wrestling promotion. Annually, WWE events exceed 500 and are watched by more than 36 million viewers in over 150 nations. While some consider WWE a sport, it is actually is branded by the company as sports entertainment with the matches being choreographed with planned storylines. Despite this omission by the company who owns the brand, WWE continues to see record audiences.

Given the fact that WWE matches are planned ahead of time, many fans attempt to predict the results of pay per view matches. Since WWE isn’t really a sport of chance, many believe it is rather easy to guess what will happen following each event. As a result, some fans find that WWE simply isn’t exciting anymore. Others point to the fact that if the storylines are written ahead of time, the writers aren’t making them thrilling enough. Despite these naysayers, there still are millions of fans who enjoy WWE as they do other television programs.

WWE matches have become the source of wagers through major betting companies online. These bookies realize the draw of the matches and permit fans and gamblers alike to place money of the results of the matches. Their websites provide odds for WWE bets and make it easy to place a wager online. Not only have sportsbooks realized the potential of WWE but casinos have as well. Different slot machine games have been designed around WWE in order to attract fans to casinos. Offering these WWE themed slot machines also permits fans to enjoy playing online while they watching a live match.

With such a popular fan base, WWE promises to provide even more entertainment in the future. While industries like sportsbooks and casinos have capitalized on this fan base, it may be interesting to see how WWE may expand in the future.

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