Big Show says he’s not a fan of TV tapings

Jun 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainmen

The Big Show says he’s not a fan of TV tapings:

“I love the live events; I love the Friday, Saturday, Sunday live event shows. I hate TVs. TVs I just want to bash myself in the head with a hammer, cause they’re just long, useless, time-wasting, bulls–t days where you sit around all day for some frickin’ idea that absolutely sucks. Debating it for hours, 17,000 different inputs, you know, one or two guys laced their wrestling boots up in their live and they’re talking, and the other ones have never laced up a pair and don’t know sh#t, but for some reason they’re telling you what to do. So, you’re just walking around baffled, going ‘why are we doing this?'”

source: Talk is Jericho

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