Jeff Hardy says The Hardy Boyz financed the Broken Universe

Jun 5, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Jeff Hardy says that he and Matt financed the Broken Universe themselves:

“Oh yeah (the Hardys did the Broken stuff on their own). Oh yeah (the Hardys financed it themselves), for sure, yeah. Yeah, basically (the Hardys would simply deliver the finished product to Impact Wrestling). Yeah, everything except the last thing we did, which was Total Nonstop Deletion and it was Apocalypto. I was like, ‘man, what if we did a volcano?’ Back in my first run here I had a little volcano in my yard and I jumped it with my dirt bike and all that madness and so I thought, ‘maybe I can build another volcano,’ but you can’t get clay around Cameron (North Carolina), man. Like Lumberton (North Carolina) was the closest place, but, luckily, a friend of mine had a place. He dug stuff out and threw stuff in, like, from landscaping or whatever, and so I spent $3,000 building a damn clay volcano, just to, like, dig a hole in it. And, actually, they brought pyro in there, got my stuff out of it and made a big old flame out of it, so they put a lot of money into that one, that last thing we did, but other than that, it was all us and it was very low budget. But that’s what made Final Deletion so cool, because there was no budget. I want my first music video to be kind of like that.”

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