Swagger on Jinder Mahal’s World Title win, the Randy Orton/Dive debate, feud with Rusev

Jun 4, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

As previously reported, Jack Swagger joined The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast for episode #272. In this excerpt, Swagger shows his great surprise at Jinder Mahal’s shocking WWE Championship victory as well as give the reason behind why Cesaro was removed from the “Real Americans” and why they did not feud following their split. The full episode is available for download at this link.

Full Episode Download Link

Jack Swagger Shoots On Jinder Mahal’s Spot in WWE, Being Suprised By His Title Win:

Jack Swagger On The Break Up Of The Real Americans, What Ended The Team, Cesaro’s Push:

On Jinder Mahal’s WWE World Tittle Victory:

“Jinder is an amazing performer. He is a very tall guy, great look and he is a business person. So I could definitely see him achieving this for sure and he has all tools. I was just as surprised as anyone though which is one of the good things about pro wrestling that you literally never know what is going to happen. I can definitely understand and I think I know why they did it. Jinder is amazing but India is also a very big market so it is like two birds with one stone.”

Was he surprised Jinder moved up the ladder

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