Eric Bischoff on sitting down with Jim Cornette after all the negativity over the years

Jun 1, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Bischoff discussed his appearance on WWE’s Table For 3 with Jim Cornette and Michael Hayes on the latest Bischoff on Wrestling.

On the response to the episode:

“I’m getting quite a bit of a response and I think the majority of the response that I’m getting is that people wanted to see more. It was a nineteen or twenty minute episode and I think people wanted to see thirty or forty minutes. I’ve also been getting a lot of responses saying they want to see it on a regular basis. I am not so sure that Jim and I have multiple shows in us.

We have history and two divergent personalities and points of view. I think it made a great special but I am not sure it would have made a great series, necessarily. Most of the response I have gotten has been very, very favorable and people just want to see more. If you can walk away from a performance whether it’s a television show or live event, whatever it is, if you can leave the audience wanting more it’s a home run. I think from that perspective it was a home run.”

On sitting down with Jim Cornette after all the negativity from Cornette over the years:

“I don’t want to say it was a non-event. I knew the audience was anticipating it. I knew it was going to be kind of a cool moment for the audience that we were doing it for. For me, I never really understood the heat and the nonsense and all of the “stuff” that has been put out there between Jim and I.

Jim has always been very venomous in regards to me. In the beginning I listened to it and was like, “Eh, what the hell is this guy talking about?” Then after awhile I realized, “Oh, that’s just him getting himself over.” It’s just what he does. He does it to a lot of people, it’s not just me. Jim is funny as hell, very intelligent, articulate and he knows what he is talking about… for the most part. He’s very, very opinionated.”

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