Corgan’s plan to buy the National Wrestling Alliance may have a serious bump in the road

May 31, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The deal is “in jeopardy” according to multiple sources due to issues surrounding the transfer of the promotion’s existing copyrights and trademarks.

According to sources, the copyright and trademarks on the brand name lapsed last year. Bruce Tharpe’s International Wrestling Corp, LLC, which bought the NWA in 2012, re-applied for the trademarks on March 30th. The application has yet to be officially approved, meaning that it isn’t possible for them to be transferred to Corgan. Corgan has been in the process of buying the company from Tharpe including the name, rights and trademarks along with as the NWA Championship title belt, Tharpe’s stake in the NWA on Demand VOD service and licensing of the Paul Boesch wrestling library.

If the deal somehow does not go through, the future of the NWA is unknown although Tharpe would very possible continue the On Demand service as well as licensing the NWA brand name out to indy promoters. Corgan and Dave Lagana have been seeking to establish relationships with promotions which have licensed the NWA name.

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