William Regal talks how to get signed by WWE

May 30, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

William Regal did an interview with Metro in the UK. Here are a few highlights:

Which types of athletes are you looking for?

There is a guy called Luke Menzies who has been trained as a wrestler by one of the guys that trained me but he hasn’t actually wrestled yet.

He was a pro rugby league player and he’s very, very good. He looks exceptional, you couldn’t draw this guy, and he can talk and do exceptional promos and do everything you want. He’s coming in and we’ve signed him, and that’s the developmental part of NXT.

Once people from the rugby league business realize that one of their own has made it in wrestling, it opens up other doors for them. You’re always looking at people who are athletes that can actually do what we do.

What are the biggest misconceptions about WWE tryouts?

There are only so many wrestlers that can actually look and act the part, and do whatever they have to do in WWE, and that’s a lesson to be learnt for a lot of wrestlers, you need to look the part. If you don’t, there is very little chance of you making it here.

It doesn’t matter how big you are, if you think you can act like an idiot and just not go to the gym or do anything, it’s probably not going to work out for you.

People will say certain guys never did this or that, but Kevin Owens did a tryout, Sami Zayn did a tryout. If you go to Japan, you have to do a tryout. There is always some form of something you have to do to get into a company.

There is nobody above doing it.

Is there anybody not signed with WWE right now who you’re particularly interested in bringing in?

There’s a lot but I can’t really say much! First of all because it puts unnecessary pressure on them. I don’t like putting pressure on anyone. I’m asked all the time who the next big thing is in NXT and I always say I’m not going to say because it puts too much pressure on them.

There are a thousand things you’ve got to deal with, you don’t need extra pressure by the fella telling you you’re going to be the next big thing.

Obviously there are people working in other companies that we’d like, there are loads out there who are very good. It’s a matter of the right time, the right place. So much of it is timing.

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