Chris Jericho unsure about another long WWE run

May 28, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Speaking with the Associated Press, former champion Chris Jericho said it will be a long time before he will have another long run in WWE and is now focusing on his musical career.

“WWE, it’s the brand name. I’m just a cog. An important part of it, people like it. But this is our band. People are here to see us. That to me is a little more of a rush. It’s not under the auspices of another name. It’ll be a long time before I go back,” he said.

Y2J is booked for some overseas shows in July, shows that will not be televised, He is not advertised for any WWE television show and his last appearance was on Smackdown a few weeks ago when he dropped his newly won United States title to Kevin Owens.

“If I ever do go back, if I never go back, it’s fine. If I never wrestle another match, it wouldn’t bother me,” Jericho concluded.

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