Ryback talks about Wade Barrett’s taste in women

May 26, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Ryback wants to talk about Wade Barrett’s taste in women:

“I popped because I didn’t know Wade did commentary for the What Culture and I always liked to give Wade a hard time, good old Stu Bennett. He [has] been a big fan of the black girls over the years, which I guess we’re allowed to say. I just did. But his girlfriend now is black and he’s notorious for always having black girlfriends and that’s the type of woman he prefers. And I really appreciated him getting a few… putting Brandi Rhodes over more than anything in the match [between Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes] numerous times during that. Then when Brandi took the bump through the table with Cody, I seriously thought old Stu Bennett was going to get out of the announcers’ desk and help her to safety and leave Cody out there to set up for Stu Bennett’s big in-ring return.”

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