Matt and Reby Sky react to Ed Nordholm’s statement and documents

May 25, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

– Both Matt Hardy and his wife Reby reacted to Ed Nordholm’s statement and released documents and naturally it doesn’t seem that they were impressed by the move. “I tell the truth & I don’t need to desperately overcompensate to prove my public credibility. My facts will be shared via the correct venue,” Matt Hardy said. His wife Reby was less diplomatic and true to her past statements, unloaded on the Anthem Executive Vice President. She said that the whole story was “inaccurate” and their attorney bills say otherwise, bills that can also act as a “cute little log” too. She called them all a joke and that they have lost already, the only difference is that they can and will make their loss official. Reby added that Impact tried a sales pitch to WWE on the gimmick that isn’t legally theirs and WWE simply responded “LOLZ yeah no, thanks.” She continued, “Oh. And you might want to try spamming dirt sheets with the ACTUAL final version of that contract if you’re going to break confidentiality!” And then she hinted that their phone conversations were taped. “Should we release the phone calls? I kinda wanna release the phone calls now… since we playin petty, apparently.”

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