Helms on Mahal: “I can tell he’s working hard”

May 25, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Shane Helms likes what they’ve done to not hinder Jinder:

“I thought it was pretty well done. I didn’t know which way they were going and that’s what I love about wrestling. I love when I can’t predict who the winner is going to be. I like Jinder, man. I can tell he’s working hard. I liked him back in the day and actually before he signed with WWE, he came down to TNA for a visit and I tried to talk him. Not that we had a deep discussion, but I went and endorsed him to the higher-ups and I thought that he was a good guy to bring in. But then, the WWE offer came right away and he made probably what was a better decision financially, especially considering now. I thought it was good. I mean, his work is good, but there are definitely things that can be improved upon. But I think, if you watch him, you can see there’s something there. There’s an energy to him. His promos need to get a little bit better. His facials are good, but he goes to that angry face entirely too fast.”

source: Steve Austin’s podcast

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