News on Shane Douglas, Stevie Richards, and Dixie Carter

May 24, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

– Former WWE and ECW superstar Steve Richards noted on his Facebook page: Very happy about passing my #realestate exam today. A new adventure begins.

– Former ECW champion Shane Douglas weighed in on the tragedy in Manchester:

As has already been said millions of times, yet still not enough- We stand w you Manchester! Terrorists & terrorism= COWARDS & COWARDICE!!!
Total dichotomy of feelings right now- one part of me is heartbroken for the innocent victims and children, plus their parents and families. The other part of me is a blast furnace of anger that demands retribution.
The time has truly come that every civilized nation of the world must commit to the fight against these rodents. Any nation refusing should face isolation and economic ruin, as well as shame. Truly, there can be no legitimate argument against using quick, overwhelming, and devastating force.
ISIS is a cancer and MUST be eradicated. PERIOD!

– Congratulations to the Carters…

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