Mahal admits McMahon changed one of his recent promos

May 24, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

In a recent edition of Talk is Jericho, WWE champion Jinder Mahal noted that Vince McMahon made a change to the promo that he was supposed to cut after winning the six pack challenge to become number one contender.

The original version saw him addressing his “man who comes in peace” character and say that he “tried to come in peace but nobody listened” and that he just beat five of smackdowns best. McMahon edited his promo and added in the lines about Americans not liking diversity.
While he was hesitant at first, when it came time to get the promo he realized that he got more heat from the crowd for his line about Americans and diversity.

Source: THE SpoTLight

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