New NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Crowned

May 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Lekisha Oliver:

Friday night, Mr. USA made the National Wrestling Alliance record books.
With a victory over Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews, Mr. USA became the new NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion.
Mr. USA had tried three separate times to defeat Andrews, but Friday night was the night and the win that he needed to pick up the coveted title.

“The night was truly a special night,” USA said. “That was my last match for the title and it was a hard fought win. Andrews is one of the best in the NWA and a true fighting champion, but Friday night was my night.”
While the masked wrestler has fought all over the country, he calls Kentucky home. Winning the title in front of his family and his town made the victory more memorable.

“Being raised on the shoulders of my fellow wrestlers in front of my family, my trainer, Headliner Chris Michaels, and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ironman Rob Conway was surreal,” USA continued. “This was a culmination of all the hard work and to be showed the true respect that comes with this title, it was fantastic.”

Mr. USA will not get long to savor the victory, he will be in the ring defending his title at every chance, including this Friday night at NWA New South Wrestling at NWA New South Arena at 512 West Madison Street in Franklin, Kentucky.

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