Jinder Mahal says he had an offer from Impact Wrestling before his WWE return

May 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

New WWE champion Jinder Mahal says he had an offer from Impact before his WWE return:

“I actually got a call from the other (pro) wrestling promotion too. Yes, (Impact Wrestling called Mahal) and there was a pay-per-view in Orlando (Florida) on Sunday and I live in Tampa (Florida), so they were like, ‘Yeah, can you come talk to us on a Sunday? We want to talk to you. Talk to Big.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ Saturday, the day before, (Mark) Carrano called me, ‘Jinder, we want to sign you back.’ That’s the weirdest thing, so I sat at home, literally, for two years. No one cared about me. Nobody (cared) because I didn’t care! All of a sudden, when I started caring, other people started caring. And then, so I told Carrano, ‘Hey listen, I have a meeting tomorrow. Let me just see my options. I want to talk to them.’ Obviously, I knew I wanted to come back to WWE, but I already told them that I would come talk to them, so I was going to keep my word and talk to them. And then, I called Carrano back and said, ‘Send the contract over.'”

Source: Talk Is Jericho

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